Why To buy A Robovac?

Home cleaning is an overwhelming task, especially after a long busy day. Yes, of course we have our good old vacuum cleaners but you still have to operate them manually. When you are chilling at home after a tiring week, you are hardly left with the zeal or energy to do all the vacuuming yourself. This is where robovacs like irobot roomba 805 comes to your rescue. Robovacs or robotic vacuums are designed especially to reduce the vacuum load for humans. Put simply, these robovacs are nifty robotic vacuum cleaners that will do all the vacuuming on their own, on your behalf. A detailed research on hod9.com speaks on why it would be a smart idea to invest in a robotic vacuum.

Why To buy A Robovac

No manual operation

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners where you need to man the device entirely yourself, a robotic vacuum operates autonomously. Put simply, they can clean independently, thanks to their multiple sensors, and assure a squeaky clean house for you, every day. With a robovac like iRobot Roomba 805 at your place, you won’t need to bend over, stand or walk for longer periods of time to vacuum the whole house. Thanks to its low profile, a modern robvac like 805 can easily slide under your bed or furniture for a thorough cleaning.

The autonomous cleaning system is especially helpful for senior homeowners or homeowners who suffer from joint pain, arthritis or mobility disabilities. 

Excellent time and energy saver

We have already discussed that robovacs like irobot Roomba 805 can operate independently. And that makes them great time and energy savers for every homeowner out there. 

It’s a busy world today where we are constantly chasing deadlines, both in the professional and domestic front. Life has almost become a juggle where we have to shuffle between one task and another every single day. In such a situation, a robovac allows you to enjoy some free time by taking up the major responsibility of cleaning your home on its nifty shoulder. This way, you get more time to focus on other more important tasks in your life – like your son’s homework or preparation of an upcoming virtual meeting and so on. You can also spend the free time into self-care and relaxation- after all, we all deserve it in between the deadlines and shuffles.

And yes, as a robovac doesn’t require manual supervision, it saves a good deal of effort and energy for you too. You can utilize that saved energy for other significant tasks easily.

Powerful filtration

Modern robivacs like iRobot Roomba 805 not only save time and energy but also assures highly-efficient cleaning and filtration. If we take the example of the 805 model here, well, this Roomba bot is backed by a highly powerful filtration system that can suck out at least 99 percent allergens, pollens as well as minute particles that can be as tiny as, say 10 microns.

Cleaning as per your set schedule

This is another great advantage of investing in a robovac.

With leading robovacs in the current market like iRobot Roomba 805, your cleaner bot will perform just as per your set cleaning schedule. Your only task here is to set the cleaning schedule and you are good for 7 days straight. For 7 days in a row, the 805 will vacuum and clean your home as per your set timing and will return to its base once the cleaning gets over. After 7 days, you can again set a new cleaning schedule and the cleaner bot will follow the same diligently. 

Autonomous recharging

The best models in the market like iRobot Roomba 805 can even recharge themselves on their own once the battery starts to drain out. The robovac gets an alert when its battery juice reaches 15 percent and on getting that it immediately rushes to its charging station for full recharge. After the robovac gets recharged, it resumes cleaning with the arrival of its next cleaning schedule.

Able to sense obstacles

You might be apprehensive of buying an autonomous robovac fearing collision with obstacles on floor when there is no one to supervise manually. But, this is not the case with advanced robovacs like iRobot Roomba 805. Yes, these robovacs are designed with cutting-edge sensors that enable them to detect obstacles laying enroute so that they can bypass them easily. Besides, the 805 comes with drop sensor which enables it to stay alert when there is a stair ahead and that helps to prevent unwanted falls from stairs.