What Should I Do To Fix A Leaking Boiler Pipe?

Leaking pipes is something that no homeowner wants to face in his home. It can be problematic and, at the same time, lead to harmful situations. In the Christmas season, most of the boiler pipes leaked due to cold weather and people started to google “Plumber near me”. 

Fix A Leaking Boiler Pipe

When it comes to boiler repair or boiler pipe repair, you must have some required knowledge about it. Apart from this, your priority should be to hire a professional plumber who knows how to fix a leaking pipe efficiently.

Essential steps to follow before fixing the boiler Pipe: 

Turn off the water supply: 

The first thing you should do while repairing the boiler pipe is turn on the water supply. So, there will be no water splash while working. There is an internal stop tap; you can turn it off. 

Switch of the heating: 

A second important step is to switch off the heat if you are using central heating. Ensure it is disconnected by all the utilities during the boiler servicing process. 

Drain the system: 

Ensure the boiler is water-free; there might be some water remaining even if the internal tap is off. Thereby, you should go on all the taps in your house and even flush the toilet to complete this step fast. Keep checking until there is no water.

Let’s wait for a plumber: 

After all these three steps, ensure that the boiler surroundings are neat and dry if there is a puddle for the comfort of the plumber and you while working. Then sit back and wait for the plumber to check the causes of damage and find out the solution. 

However, you can check if there is an insurance policy for this damage in the meantime. In some policies, this water cover damage due to broker pipes is also involved. Nevertheless, it’s a messy task to do; you must consider a trained plumber.