Tips on How to Clean Curtains

Curtains that are hanged in the room needs cleaning and maintenance, if they are not cleaned properly on time then, it might get dirty after some time and produces a bad odor. Many odors and dust particles are attracted towards curtains, so if they are not cleaned after some interval, then it might be difficult to clean. Keeping one’s curtains clean and tidy is a difficult task because most people don’t pay attention to this or having no knowledge of maintaining the curtains. If you are not good at cleaning and your curtains are made up of high-quality fabrics, then don’t take a risk and go to professional laundry services.

Clean Curtains

There are some other tips to clean the curtains mentioned below:

Maintenance after some interval:

Washing curtains after a month or some interval cannot be considered as it is a time taking the task moreover it can damage the curtains and also washing reduces the shine of the fabric. It is preferred to clean the curtains regularly and keep away from the sources that cause bad odor.

Remove dust and dirt off from curtains:

Since curtains resist the dust that comes outside from your house, and it accumulates the entire dust particle in a very short this reason allows ones to clean his/her house curtains on a daily basis. As curtains accumulate the dust so instead of wiping with some piece of cloth, use a vacuum cleaner. And start cleaning from the top as most dirt gathers at the top. For lightweight curtains, one can remove dust by shaking it well.

Keep odor away from curtains:

Keeping curtains clean is a difficult task, other than this keeping bad odor away from the curtains is more difficult than this without washing them to keep away curtains from bad odor the best technique is to keep your windows and door shut. Especially keep the kitchen’s door closed while cooking food.

Washing with the machine:

When you consider to wah the curtain regularly then you may go for washing machine. As it is mentioned above that washing curtain in a machine may be harmful to curtains. But if you are considering it, then before washing read the instruction mentioned by the manufacturer. Remove non fabric material attached to the curtain before putting in the machine. Use cold water for washing with a small amount detergent.  

Washing with steam cleaner:

If you have a good quality steam cleaner you can clean with it and more it can give effective results. This method is only useful where it is mentioned that the curtains can be washed in a machine.

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