The Top Benefits of Indoor Plants

Are you planning to buy indoor plants? Now is the time to make the move. Besides adding beauty and fragrance to your home, there are many proven health benefits to adding greenery indoors.

Indoor Plants

Here are top reasons why you should start growing indoor plants in your home:

Improves indoor air quality

Having houseplants lets you breathe better air inside the home. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, some houseplants are effective at purifying indoor air. These include peace lily, snake plant, bamboo palm, money plant, areca palm, spider plant, Boston fern, etc.

Helps reduce stress levels

Another popular health benefit of houseplants is that they can help reduce both physiological and psychological stress. Potting plants and maintaining them lets you forget about stress. Research says that adding plants to your home can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Boosts your productivity

If you are working from home or taking online classes, consider adding plants to your workspace to help increase productivity and creativity. A 2007 study showed that people who live or work with plants took fewer sick leaves and were more productive on the job. Snake plant, peace lily, weeping fig, spider plant, and orchid are the best houseplants for boosting workplace productivity.

Quality air conditioning helps your home stay clean and safe

To increase your indoor comfort and safety, do not forget to use air conditioning in your home. Air conditioners do not just work to cool your indoor spaces during hot weather but also cleans the air that enters your home. It traps contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and mold through its air filters.

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