Why are Teak Wood Table Considered Best for Outdoor Furniture?

Teak wood is most common for patio or outdoor furniture. It is used for made chairs in garden, dining tables, boats, backyards, pool yards and deck areas.  If we do some research to find patio furniture then definitely we found teak wood category at top of the list. Why teak wood is at top?  The main reason of this it is stylish and durable for outdoor furniture. Beyond it beauty and durability, it has rubber and natural oil. Teak wood furniture becomes more beautiful with age. The price of teak wood is little higher than other wood. Many home owners are willing to pay higher for teak table set because of its quality and beauty. Now I would like to discuss some salient features of teak wood table.

Teak Furniture

Teak possesses natural oil and rubber in it that help to protect furniture from termite and fungi. It has more natural weather resistant as compare to any other wood. Teak wood is very hard and lighter weight. A very little time require for maintenance of teak table sets. Easy cleaning makes it very popular for people who like to host parties. If any guest drop some drinks or food on teak table, it is very easy to clean it with dump cloth. Teak table does not require polish regularly. It is naturally very beautiful grains design that makes it elegant appearance. We can be used teak oil every two or three month to enhance its natural beauty. But make sure teak oil will be used after cleaning the table.

The initial price of teak wood furniture is higher as compare to any other wood. It hold value because the reselling of old teak furniture can be profitable, If it taken good care. Teak furniture is the best application for patio furniture and will not be broken down in the sun lights.