In a city like Dubai, sightseeing can be a very thrilling and mesmerizing activity. When you’re going through for the tourist average of 3 days, if you come here with the right plan and strategy you can pack a lot in, whether it’s looking for a deal or just taking in the items that are there to see. This city has the biggest buildings, malls, and amazing themed and water parks. There are thousands of properties on sale every year, such as the latest Port De La Mer apartments for sale, which are so reasonable to buy.

Here are a few helpful bits of street knowledge that will help you get the most out of your trip and avoid some of the traps and hazards that are more common.



Try going through your wallet and taking as much out of it as you can and putting it in the hotel safe when you first leave your hotel. Most of us hold substantial portions of our lives in our pockets and losing credit cards, driving licenses, social security cards, special IDs, ATM cards and the like can be crippling and outright inconvenient.

Dubai is not a dangerous place now; even after dark, it is not very likely that you would be mugged and robbed, neither will you be at significant risk of pickpockets, cutpurses, and the like. It’s very safe, in fact, and most individuals will support you if you need help. However, it is recommended to speak simple English, as it is not everyone’s first language.

Being cautious is necessary, in order to avoid common mistakes, such as putting a wallet down on a counter and walking away, or failing to take back a credit card after purchase, when we are in strange and new locations, always jet-lagged or overwhelmed by the excitement, the likelihood of making a mistake is always present.

So secure yourself by taking the minimum with you out in the streets and keeping the rest safe in your home. Some cash; maybe you’re constrained to the local $US 150.00 equivalent, which is about AED 500-600 can be taken. If you can’t really walk past a deal, a credit card can be ideal, but if you have several cards, one is enough. There really isn’t anything else you need, particularly on Day One of your visit.


The Major Bus Company of Dubai offers a comfortable and informative way for the short-term tourist to get a clear view of what the city has to offer. The upper deck of the bus is about 60 per cent open, which in the cooler months, is perfectly pleasant and ideal, even during the summer heat, but at the front third of the upper deck there is also an air-conditioned cabin, for when the heat is too much.

For the whole day, your ticket is usable. If the heat during the day is too hot, you might take a night tour, when it’s going to be a little cooler, but very wet in the summer months.


Some tough and adventurous souls want to believe that they can do it all on foot, and while there are fascinating parts of Dubai, such as the Spice and Gold Souks of Deira, that can probably be accomplished on foot, travelling between major attractions takes far too much distance to be covered in this way. Don’t be fooled in a cooler climate by what seems like a perfectly fair distance. You are taking a very serious risk by deciding to go on foot in the summers.


It can be hot even during the daytime in the winter months, and you can get dehydrated quickly, and this is when you start making mistakes and losing things. It costs AED 1 (1 dirham) for a 1-liter water bottle;  A better choice for a nice and exciting holiday that you really can’t do. Currently, restock any time you run out, as a lot of little supermarkets are here and stores near the famous tourist areas of the city.

Dubai provides you with amazing and refreshing views, sightseeing in Dubai can really make your day, you just have to be sure about some tips. We will really recommend you to visit this city once or even think about shifting to Dubai, as this place has tons of opportunities, if you are planning to migrate to this city then kindly check out District One Dubai Villas for sale, as they can be a really good option for you to live.