Sanitation Of Carpet Preserves Clean And Resistant Carpet

The carpet cleaning helps in cleaning the environment as a whole. Cleaning carpets helps to reduce the proliferation of microorganisms, including the mite, human and animal parasites, which cause rhinitis, asthma, dermatitis and other diseases.

Clean And Resistant Carpet

With the carpet cleaning Melbourne, in addition to the carpet being cleaner, the place will be more welcoming. It is possible to affirm that, through the cleaning of carpets, the carpet will be like new, as companies that offer this type of service are also concerned with preserving the fibers, keeping them soft and resistant. It is advisable to maintain the hygiene every 6 months or 1 year.

The cleaning of carpets can be done in 3 different ways:

Dry Cleaning or Cleaning: It is carried out using the latest generation system called host dry carpet cleaning. The carpet is fully vacuumed by high suction; sprayed product for high cleaning and effective drying; rotating brushes rub the product, dissolving dirt and possible stains, the equipment completely removes the high cleaning product. This dry cleaning/sanitizing procedure allows for immediate use of the carpet.

Steam cleaning: The carpet is fully vacuumed by high suction, the equipment adds steam at 160° degrees and simultaneously removes all residue. Steam cleaning does not harm the carpet and it dries quickly.

Semi-wet cleaning: The carpet is fully vacuumed by high suction; the washing system is made from equipment that has soft bristles that release a specific cleaning product. The wet carpet drying Melbourne helps to remove dirt; an extraction machine with water completely removes the previously applied product, allowing it to dry.

Carpet Cleaning with Home Products

If you prefer homemade products, we have some suggestions. For example, the soap is great for removing coffee stains and there’s no way cold water can fight blood stains. White soap works very well for cleaning ballpoint ink and mud.