Quaker City Castings – The One-Stop Shop for Iron Castings and Steel Castings

Having a hard time deciding the best shop for your iron and steel casting needs? Look no further than Quaker City Castings – the world’s leading supplier of highest quality centrifugal castings and sand castings. They offer a wide range of iron castings and steel castings at a very reasonable price.

Quaker City Castings is no-bake sand foundry that provides you with the highest level of steel castings, iron castings, and high-performance engine components incuding cylinder sleeves, diesel engine piston rings, connecting rods under their exclusive brand ‘PowerBore’, and more.

Quaker City Castings – The One-Stop Shop for Iron Castings and Steel Castings

They have been in this business for a very long time and people who have used their services say super awesome things about them. If you’re struggling to find the right casting shop, you should give Quaker City Castings a chance to see if they are capable of delivering your desired casting services. The team at Quaker Castings is very ambitious and hard-working to provide you top of the line casting services at affordable rates.

Here’s what they say about their iron and steel casting services:

‘’Quaker City Castings is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We have invested heavily in process control and defect reduction by adapting LEAN and 5S systems to our operations. We constantly strive to keep business in America by investing in our capacity, equipment, and most importantly, our employees. Quaker City Castings engages with all our customers as if they were part of our own team. Our goal is to build a partnership for producing the best castings in the world for your application.’’

I personally like Quaker City Castings for their firm commitment to delivering the best quality castings services. So, I feel no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in search of quality iron or steel casting services.