Order the Best Mattresses for Your Hotel for the Ultimate Comfort Level

Ensuring comfort everywhere you go is important. Hence, this is why Synwin is here to make your experience 10 times better. We are one of the top numerous hotel mattress manufacturers. We have been continuously working since 2007, which has spiked our experience for the better. Moreover, we are located in Forshan, China, but that does not limit our reach to a wider population. Synwin is exporting the best mattresses for hotels to more than 30 countries. Hence, we are knowledgeable and skilful when it comes to making mattresses as well as trading.


When you use our mattress, you will get to know the difference in the quality. We are always steady on our feet and use the best materials to give users the best comfort level. Not only that, but we also supply our luxury hotel mattresses to numerous hotels. Hence, we have our reach everywhere, and we perfect our mattresses so that everyone can have a delightful experience. We know how the market runs, which is why we have a professional set of workers. Moreover, we are also equipped with the best machinery so that our mattresses are one of a kind.

Get yourself a sample order within 7 days to review the quality

Synwin mattresses know the exact elements to add in order to make the best mattresses. One thing about hotels is that they need numerous amounts of mattresses within a short period of time. Hence, this is something easy for us because we are able to manufacture a ton of hotel mattresses within 25 days. Therefore, we are not only a skilful workforce, but we do things efficiently as well. Synwin not only manufactures one type of mattress but numerous different kinds. Hence, you will be able to find spring mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, and roll-up mattresses as well.

We guarantee you that all of our mattresses will last you up to 10 or more years. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the lifespan of our mattresses as we keep track of their functionality. Synwin is always here to provide your business with the ultimate. We have been working for a long time and have gained the best experience to offer you excellence. To gain your trust, we have a sample order that arrives within 7 days. This is done so that you can test out our mattresses and see the quality and the comfort level we offer to our customers.

The standards of our mattresses

Before sending out our mattresses anywhere, we ensure that the quality and the material meet the requirements. We use the latest machinery as well as technology to ensure that our mattresses are up to the requirements. All of our mattresses meet the criteria of CFR1632, CFR1633, EN591-1:2015, EN591-2:2015, ISO14001, and lastly, ISPA. Therefore, we promote comfortable mattresses that have a popular and modern style. They are perfected in all different aspects so that you can have a great time relaxing.