How to Keep Your Smart Home Secure

The popularity of smart homes is increasing, and it is expected to grow manifold in coming years. A smart home offers the ability to control your home devices and appliances with a remote and apps. It is cool to be the owner of a smart home, but most homeowners do not pay attention to the security issues that accompany such smart homes. Many studies have shown that hackers can break into the home network and take control of the devices attached to the network. Although no device or network can be made unbreakable, the following steps will go a long way to keep your smart home secure.

How to Keep Your Smart Home Secure

  1. Secure the Router

A vulnerable router makes the job of hackers very easy. Recently, a group of hackers hacked a score of routers and turned them into botnets to use them to attack different servers. To strengthen your router security, use the routers of reputed companies, change the default password, and place the router in a place where outsiders cannot access it. Also, make sure that your router is receiving the security updates.

  1. Use a Cloud Service

Cloud services cannot guarantee security, but services like Vivint and ADT can take some measures to secure your network and devices.

  1. Use Secure Passwords

Using secure passwords is a basic measure of security and should be taken seriously. Use uppercase and lowercase characters along with special characters and numbers to come up with a password. Do not use the same password for all services and devices. In case your one account is hacked, it should not affect your other account.

  1. Select Reputable Brands

In addition to the features of the devices, research the security reputation of the company. Many novices are developing smart home products. While they may offer interesting and innovative features, they often lack in the security of their devices. Research well about the security implementation before buying smart home connected devices.