In Doubt About Cleaning Wood? See Precious Tips

Don’t know how to clean wood without damaging furniture?

As you know, wood is a noble material capable of making a space much more beautiful and cozy. Widely used in the production of furniture, structures and floors, it allows the elaboration of unique and stylish projects.

Over the years, however, the material may have some cracks or a darkened, unattractive surface.

Unlike other materials used in the manufacture of furniture, such as iron, stainless steel and some polymers, wood requires special care when cleaning so that its surface is not damaged and looks new for many, many years.

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In Doubt About Cleaning Wood? See Precious Tips

How to clean and polish the wood from furniture?

Before finding out how to clean wood from furniture and floors, you need to identify the type of finish used on each piece.

Each of these finishes needs to be cleaned in a specific way and with appropriate cleaning products. In addition, some furniture and wooden floors need to be polished to ensure their exceptional appearance.

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To find out the correct way to clean wood, there are a few things to consider:

  • Did you wonder if a piece of furniture is made of solid wood or processed wood? Look for growth rings, which are formed by the annual development of the tree. These marks guarantee that the sample of wood in question is a solid and genuine piece;
  • What is the wood of your furniture? Occasionally, different woods need different cleaning products, so try to determine what material the furniture is made of before applying or purchasing a cleaning product.