How to Prevent Garage Door Repairs?

The garage door is one of those home necessities that we use every day and yet don’t think about until something goes wrong. From time to time, it can malfunction and leave you stranded with a broken-down car and no easy access into the house.


If this hasn’t happened to you yet, there is a chance that what goes wrong with your garage door is something that you can prevent. Here are a few tips to help keep your garage door in good working order and avoid any costly garage door repairs Chesapeake.

  1. Keep the Tracks Clean

The tracks of the garage door are what the door rollers travel on. If they get dirty, the door will have a hard time moving. To clean them, simply use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any debris or dirt.

  1. Lubricate the Moving Parts

A little bit of lubricant can go a long way in keeping the garage door moving smoothly. Apply it to the tracks, hinges, and rollers once every few months (or more frequently if needed).

  1. Check the Tracks Regularly

The tracks hold up your garage door and need to be checked every so often for any damage. Look for broken welds or bolts, gaps in the joints, and holes. If you spot any problems, have a professional service technician fix them immediately before they pose a serious threat to the entire system.

  1. Use Your Garage Door Opener Sensibly

Most people use their garage door opener once when they get in the car and then again when they’re ready to go inside of the house after parking in front of it. For an older or less powerful opener, this can cause strain on the motor that makes everything more difficult for you when using your garage door down the line. Try to use your opener sparingly and only when you really need it.

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