How to Install a Single Torsion Spring on the Garage Door?

Do you want to replace the single torsion spring in the garage yourself? Then this article will teach you how to install a single torsion spring on the garage door.


Installing a single torsion spring

Follow the below-mentioned steps!

Attaching the door to the track

To begin, the locking pliers must be clamped above the rollers. Getting the project started is crucial to prevent the door from flying up. Before starting to fix the garage door spring, release the door opener cord.

loosen and unwind a good garage door spring

The sturdy garage door spring should be incorporated into its bottom hole. Loosen the screws so the bar does not move. If you hold it tightly, the spring will give a considerable push.

The following winding bar must be slid into a straight position, followed by the bottom bar. The spring must also be unwound a quarter turn.

Torsion Tube Securing and Disconnecting Springs

The centre bracket bolts and nuts must be turned to disconnect the spring. Once the torsion tube is in place, the locking pliers should be inserted into the middle bracket. It is necessary to loosen the screws that hold the right and left lift cable drums together in order to disconnect the cables.

Removing the Old Spring and Installing the Left Spring

Starting from the left side of the door, move the torsion tube to the right to remove the cable drum. After that, you can slide off the old spring.

It is possible to attach the new spring to the torsion tube after removing the old one. Also, the cable drum, garage door wire, and torsion bar on the left side need to be installed.

New Center Bearing Installation

If you move the torsion bar to the centre bearing, you can attach the bracket to the stationary cones. After that, install the spring, and then push the bearing into the cone.

Install the drum and connect the stationary cones. A cordless drill can now be used to replace rusted sections.

Cable insertion and drum tightening

The cables can be installed in the cable slot after the rusted components have been removed. Once the lift cables have been operated between the doorjamb and the rollers, move the lift cable stop to the drum.

Tension spring winding

With the winding bar, the wind comes up toward the ceiling. The process should be repeated 30 or 36 times depending on the height of the garage door. It might be wise to consult the spring supplier if you’re unsure.

Last Step

With the winding bar, expand the spring. You must complete the set screws before tightening them. A garage door lubrication spray should be used next to lubricate the spring.

Between the spring and the wall, you must tuck a piece of cardboard. Wipe away any excess spray.

That’s it!

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