How to Deal With a Broken Garage Door Window?

Garage door windows serve an important purpose in protecting your home from the elements and providing you with a secure way to access your garage. Unfortunately, these windows can become damaged if they are hit by something or if they are aged and exposed to too much moisture. When this happens, it is important to know how to deal with a broken garage door window in order to protect your home and ensure the safety of you and your family.


The first step is to assess the damage to the window. If it is only cracked, it may be possible to repair it with a simple crack sealer kit. However, if the entire pane has shattered or come loose from its frame, then it will need to be replaced. In this case, it is best to contact a skilled garage door replacement Newport News contractor for help with the repair.

The next step is to secure the area around the broken window. To do this, you can use a piece of plywood or other material that can securely cover the window opening and keep debris out of your garage. This will ensure that no further damage is caused and prevent any items from entering your home through the window.

Once the area has been secured, you can begin to look into repair options. If the window can be repaired, then it may be possible to do this yourself with a few simple tools and materials. However, if it needs to be replaced, it is important to contact a professional for help. This will ensure that the window is securely installed and any other damage or issues with the door are addressed.

Finally, once the window has been repaired or replaced, be sure to take steps to prevent further damage from occurring. This can include periodic inspections of the windows and garage door in order to ensure that everything is in working order.

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