How to Clean Fabric Sofa

Learning how to clean the cloth sofa is important to ensure that people’s health is not harmed, as unsanitary is a prone way of accumulating fungus, bacteria and mites in the upholstery.

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a house. How would it be possible to welcome family, friends for a meeting or just relax after a tiring day of work without it in our room? It’s hard to even imagine.

This furniture, in addition to being a decorative piece, is very important in our homes for providing us with moments of relaxation and comfort.

how to clean fabric sofa

3 Tips on How to Clean the Cloth Sofa

Like carpet cleaning Melbourne, couch cleaning also very important. It is necessary to check the label on the type of fabric used during the manufacture of the sofa. This label contains some cleaning instruction symbols, such as:

  • Symbol P – means it can only be dry-cleaned;
  • Symbol W – traditional wet washing process can be followed;
  • Symbol O – can be washed normally in cold water.

Paying attention to these upholstery cleaning instructions is essential in determining which cleaning products to apply.

Let’s better understand how to perform couch cleaning Melbourne to keep them clean.

Dry clean

There are some types of fabrics that cannot be wet, which can be seriously damaged if this happens.

One of the best options is to use dry cleaning, a type of washing where water is used only as a part of the process and not as the main cleaning agent.

Step by step

  • The first step in dry cleaning a sofa is to vacuum the upholstery and then apply a special solvent.
  • After applying this product, it is necessary to remove the foam with a clean, damp cloth.
  • It is essential to rub it carefully to remove any kind of product residue.
  • If there is too much humidity, after using the damp cloth, a vacuum can be used to complete the cleaning.