How the Pro Finally Fixed Our Damaged Extension Springs

For over a year, the garage door at our house had been really temperamental. It would get stuck halfway sometimes or come crashing down quickly other times. My husband and I tried fixing it ourselves a few times but kept making it worse. We replaced rollers, lubricated hinges, and adjusted the cable tension to no avail. It was clearly a problem with the extension springs but we didn’t feel comfortable replacing them ourselves.

Calling in the Experts

After a close call where the door nearly fell on my son, we decided it was time to call in a professional. We found a well-reviewed local company called Garage Door Spring Repair in Glen Allen and scheduled an appointment. When the technician came out to assess the problem, he took one look at the mangled springs and said they were indeed the root cause. He explained the dangers of the frayed wires and said replacing them was not a DIY job.

Not an Easy Fix

We were happy to have an expert finally taking a look but were concerned about the cost after years of struggling with this issue. To our surprise, he gave us a fair quote and got to work right away. He explained that our springs were severely damaged and installing new ones would be tricky. First, he had to remove all the old parts which were twisted up and stuck in place. After some struggle, he got them out but said the brackets would need adjustments too.

Taking Precautions

Watching him work, I was amazed at the strength and care it took for this type of job. He used special tools to manage the tension as he installed each spring and took safety precautions we never would have known. It made me realize why these professionals have special training – one wrong move could cause serious injury. He took his time adjusting everything to be balanced and aligned correctly before moving to the other side to repeat the process.

Smooth Sailing Now

After a couple hours of focused work, he gave the door a final check and test. To our relief, it opened and closed smoothly without any issues. As we paid the bill, he gave us maintenance tips like lubricating the tracks annually from now on. True to his word, it’s been over 6 months now with zero problems. We’re so glad we finally hired a professional for the job instead of risking further damage or injury on our own. It was definitely worth investing in a permanent fix from an expert.