A Guide for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Picking the right color for the interior and exterior of your home is easy – if you know some basics. Appropriate color choices can make your home look very beautiful, and at no additional cost. If you have bought a new home, however, consult the homeowner’s association before painting your home as there may be some regulations regarding the paint colors. If you are free to choose a paint color for your home, take the following points into consideration.

A Guide for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

  1. Geography and Surrounding

It is OK if your home stands out a bit, but it should not look out of place. For this, consider the geography and the surrounding of your home. For example, a turquoise home might look good in tropical climates while not so good in a mountainous area. And see the color of the homes around you. Either chose a color that blends in or a color that offers slight individuality.

  1. Go from Light to Dark

As a general rule, the color of the floor should be the darkest, the walls medium, and the ceiling the lightest. It is not a strict rule, but it is how most homes should be painted – unless you have a strong reason to do otherwise.

  1. Use the Color Wheel

Graphics designer often take the help of the color wheel while choosing colors for their designs. When choosing the paint color for your home, you can do the same. Choose colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. You can search the internet for the images of a color wheel.

  1. Match with the Largest Object in Your Room

You can match the color with the largest object in your room, like floor, carpet, or furniture. Matching does not mean the same color, however. You can choose the appropriate shades, or even create contrast.

  1. Show Your Personal Style

The last rule is that you do not necessarily need to follow the traditional guidelines. If you personally like a specific color, feel free to use this paint color for your home.

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