Everything You Need to Know About Topsoil

Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil, with the highest organic matter concentration. It is composed of water, air, mineral particles, and organic matter. It is responsible for the most of biological soil activities and contains a healthy amount of nutrients that are essential for the growth of plants. If you are planning to grow more plants and flowers on your lawn, loam or topsoil is the best option to go with. 

Everything You Need to Know About Topsoil

Wondering where one can get topsoil for their garden or lawn? Well, it is easily available everywhere. All you need is to Google ‘’Topsoil Delivery’’ and you’re done. Always pick the right and experienced service provider, as there is no dearth of inexperienced contractors who are more likely to do more harm than good. They won’t hesitate to waste your money and time as well.

Topsoil is usually eliminated during the excavation and grading of site preparation for a new business or home. Planting flowers and trees into this exposed soil usually leads to a lack of growth. Adding topsoil is the only best option you can go with to improve the growth of plants and trees on your lawn.

The best type of topsoil has a loamy texture with a mixture of 7-27 percent clay, 2-50 percent silt, and 52 percent sand. These types of topsoils are easy to till and have a lower water retention capacity. The best topsoil should crumble between your fingers with a gritty feeling, which indicates the presence of minerals (like phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium) that are necessary for the plants. Avoid hard soil, as it is low in organic matter. Soil clumping up into large chunks or balls is also rich in clay.

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