Common Things to Avoid for Electrical Safety at Home

Interacting with electricity has become so common that many people have stopped taking electrical safety at home as a serious matter. But interacting with electricity without proper precaution often results in accidents. Fortunately, most electricity related mishaps can be avoided with a little care. Following are some common things to avoid for electrical safety at home.

Common Things to Avoid for Electrical Safety at Home

  1. Substandard Wiring and Outlets

Substandard wiring and low-quality electrical outlets often cause sparking and are a major cause of electrical fires. Always use quality wires and have it done by a professional. If you buy an old house, let the professional electricians inspect the wiring. If they recommend changing the wiring, do not delay and change it at your earliest.

  1. Electrical Outlets Near Water Sources

You should never touch electrical appliance when you are wet. But if there are electrical outlets near water sources like swimming pool or shower, the likelihood of such incident increases significantly.

  1. Young Children

Young children do not understand the electrical hazards, so it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their children do not suffer from electrical accidents. To avoid such accidents, keep all electrical appliances and wires out of reach of children and cover outlets with safety covers where children have access to such outlets.

  1. Working with Electricity While Switched On

In addition to turning off the switch, turn off the main breaker before doing any electrical work. Put a clear sign or inform all concerned person not to turn on the switch while you are working. And use insulated tools while working with the electrical wires.

  1. Use Circuit Breakers with Appropriate Current Rating

Using circuit breakers with the appropriate current rating is very effective in electrical safety at home. it protects your wires from electrical fires in case of a short circuit. Ensure that your circuit breakers are in proper working condition.